JA Solar Half-cell Mono PERC Module, a New Choice of High-efficiency Products for the South Korea Market

JA Solar Co., Ltd, recently announced that it supplied all modules based on the company’s high-efficiency half-cell mono PERC technology for a 450kW project in South Korea. JA Solar is the first foreign supplier of half-cell mono PERC modules in the country. The establishment of the power plant is of great importance for the application of the high-efficiency half-cell mono PERC modules as well as for the development of renewable energy in the Korean market.

In April 2019, JA Solar became the first Chinese PV company to obtain product certification from Korea Standards Association (KS) for its 395W half-cell mono PERC module, providing customers in South Korea who focus on land cost reductions with more access to high-efficiency solar energy products. Importantly, the KS module certification validates that JA Solar’s products meet the national standards in South Korea, enhancing the company’s competitiveness and brand recognition in the local market.

The 450kW solar plant is located in Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do,South Korea. The high-efficiency modules used in the solar project have passed long-term reliability test and have excellent environmental adaptability. The design of combining series circuits and parallel circuits can reduce internal power loss, increase conversion efficiency and enable better temperature coefficient. When shaded, the module, with its half-cell design, is able to generate more electricity compared with regular modules, providing a strong guarantee for ensuring the reliability of the power plant system and optimizing the power generation.

Mr. Jin Baofang, Chairman and CEO of JA Solar, said, “The South Koreamarket is highly interested in high-efficiency solar modules. To meet customers’ growing demand, JA Solar will continue to focus on the R&D and production of high-performance PV modules. Our branch office in South Korea is also committed to providing excellent service to meet customers’ needs, further expanding our presence to contribute to the development of solar industry in the region.”


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