JA Solar DeepBlue 3.0 Awarded with Energy Yield Simulation AQM Award 2020 from TÜV Rheinland

PVTIME – On April 28, the 2021 “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress and “All Quality Matters” award ceremony hosted by TÜV Rheinland Group (“TÜV Rheinland”) was held in Hangzhou. Experts and enterprise representatives from industry institutions, manufacturers and analysis institutions participated in highly engaging discussions about a number of topics, including energy storage, quality control, industry development trend, and PV module technology development.

The award selection of “All Quality Matters” covers the fields of PV modules, inverters, energy storage systems, components, and power stations. It is one of the most authoritative and most influential awards in the industry. With its great performance in energy yield, JA Solar’s DeepBlue 3.0 was awarded the title of “Energy Yield Simulation AQM Award 2020 – Monofacial Mono Group”.

With respect to Energy Yield Simulation, testing samples were selected randomly to be tested and evaluated based on the standards of IEC 61215, IEC 60904 and IEC 61853. The electrical performance of the module is tested under different irradiance, temperature and light incidence angles, with which the pan file parameters are determined. Subsequently, the geographical and meteorological data of five typical areas are selected to simulate the outdoor power generation of the modules. The modules are ranked based on the data gathered from the tests and the power of the modules.

In May 2020, JA Solar launched the DeepBlue 3.0 module based on 182mm silicon wafers and began mass production in August. Subsequently, the module was commercially available in October. The DeepBlue 3.0 module integrates the advantages of new generation PERCIUM+ cell technology, optimized 11BB technology, half cell technology, and other advanced technologies, enabling high efficiency, high reliability and excellent power generation performance.

The title of “Energy Yield Simulation AQM Award 2020 – Monofacial Mono Group” validates the excellent power generation capacity of DeepBlue 3.0. From a technology standpoint, the electricity generating capacity of the PV module is closely related to its open circuit voltage, short circuit current, temperature coefficient, internal resistance, packaging materials and configuration design. The recognition from the “All Quality Matters” award reflects the competitiveness of JA Solar’s module design: reasonable size and weight results in reasonable electrical parameters.

Monsoon Wang, Global Marketing General Manager and Senior Product Technician of JA Solar, was invited to attend the ceremony and share his report of “Consideration of LCOE in Module Design”. Wang highlighted the core of the design logic of JA Solar modules, i.e. LCOE priority. Based on the combination of the design idea of “the size and electric parameters of the modules are determined by the system, and the size of the silicon wafers is determined by the modules”, and consideration of production, installation, transportation, system matching and power generation performance at the system level, JA Solar successfully launched the DeepBlue 3.0 module based on 182mm silicon wafers, which is regarded as the most suitable dimension specification of the whole production chain, and has been fully recognized by the industry.

In the energy yield test jointly conducted by JA Solar and TÜV NORD, it is shown that when compared with high-current solar modules based on larger wafers, DeepBlue 3.0 has its working temperature 1.7°C lower and energy yield per watt 1.5% higher, which reflects the product’s advantage in energy yield performance. The product encompasses JA Solar’s module design logic of LCOE priority and is believed to be one of the most competitive module choices in the market.