Inverters from Samil Power Captures PCCC Certification

Samil Power announces its SolarOcean 100, SolarOcean 100TL, SolarOcean 250, SolarOcean 250TL and SolarOcean 500TL have received quality management system certification in China—PCCC certification. Such certification demonstrates its approved quality and pledges to its prerequisite competencies for overseas market expansion.
PCCC certification is one of the 36 quality management system certification in China, through which it could filter companies of poor management or products of relatively low level quality.
Although inverters set high threshold for dependability, inverters from Samil       Power are always scaling up customers’ expectations. Despite of the accredited maximum efficiency of 98.7% and 18 countries gried standard, Samil Power offers long-term yields as long as a service life of 25 years. Inverters which are made in China are well known for low price and ‘acceptable quality’ to some extent. Furthermore, the win-win situation (for both customers and companies) happens only when the approved technology/quality has been paralleled with the marked cheap price. Specifically, inverters from Samil Power are crowned to be the NEW CHAMPION reigning over all of Asian inverters tested by Photon Lab in August 2011. Moreover, since service has been highly appreciated in overseas market, Samil Power has setup local subsidiaries and local services teams to simplify the communication and reduce the service response time. The offices are in Australia, Germany, Italy, UK and India. Samil Power, as one of leading inverter companies in China, devotes itself to invigorate overseas market with high yield premium quality inverters.

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