IDAC Energy Establishes Showroom and Signs MOU to Strengthen Cooperation With GoodWe

PVTIME – On June 16th 2022 a new showroom of GoodWe was completed and ushered in a grand opening ceremony, with lion dance and champagne to celebrate together. On that day, more than a dozen valued guests came to the scene and expressed their congratulations and blessings. The showroom is established with support from GoodWe local distributor IDAC energy, which aims to expand the GoodWe market layout in Malaysia, for products display and solution explanation. Both the parties inaugurated the ceremony by cutting the ribbon and signed a 50 MW Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), starting a new era of Malaysia PV industry.

GoodWe business director of Southeast Asia, NG. Siew Chun participated in the opening ceremony, he expressed the excitement and said “The new representative showroom will be used for presentation of GoodWe products, welcoming guests and meetings with business partners. Customers can enjoy immersive experience and understand GoodWe PV solutions at a glance.”

It is worth mentioning that GoodWe showed their energy storage system operation logic in this showroom. The three-phase high voltage ET series hybrid inverter with 2 MPPTs, allows up to 110% overloading to maximize power output and features Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for critical loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators within 10 ms.

Exploring and utilizing smart technologies and advanced expertise, GoodWe is relentless about offering users storage solutions to protect users from rising electricity costs, striving to create reliable solutions for users to maximize self-consumption, ensure power safety during an outage, take smart control of home power management, and realize energy independence.

GoodWe also announced and signed a 50MW MOU with IDAC energy, with the aim of driving greater sustainability with low carbon emissions, supporting Malaysia ambition of reaching 31% of total power capacity from renewable energy sources by 2025. “We’re proud to partner with GoodWe to support the Malaysia’s environmental and solar energy demand. This agreement will help us enhance the confidence of developing PV system businesses and providing high quality solar energy in the region.” said Fanny Chan Wai Fang, CEO for IDAC energy.

GoodWe is committed to make best efforts and keep providing creative and smart PV solutions to all over the world, fully supporting the partners who uphold the same philosophy and mission on the road. We together, driving the world’s smart energy future.