Huawei and ABGD Launches First Huawei Solar Road Show in Brazil

PVTIME - Today, Huawei together with the Brazilian Association of Distributed Generation (ABGD) will commence the first Huawei Solar Road Show, a mobile truck fully adapted for qualification courses, with a classroom, space for workshops and a demo-house with kitchen and laundry, fully equipped, supplied by a microgeneration system distributed on-grid and off-grid, which will be used for demonstration activities.

Huawei and ABGD launches first Huawei Solar Road Show in Brazil
Huawei and ABGD launches first Huawei Solar Road Show in Brazil

The initiative, whose main sponsor is Huawei, also has the support of the São Paulo State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Environment (SIMA) and other companies in the solar energy market, which will conduct fundamental courses on installing photovoltaic systems for more than 50 cities, covering the main states of Brazil. Departure is scheduled for May 3rd.

Solar energy means greater production capacity, clean energy 24 hours a day, optimized costs, intelligence, efficiency and safety - this is the message that Huawei wants to take to all Road Show stops together with ABGD and offer an immersive experience to the participants. In the residential scenario, the participant will be able to see up-close Huawei's smart photovoltaic solution for homes, which offers 24 hours of clean, stable, cost-effective energy and without impacting the routine and quality of life of its residents.

"Imagine a unique solution based on digital technologies that ensures the supply of clean energy day and night, in a very intuitive, efficient and economical way for residential, commercial and industrial environments. This is not a future trend. It is now possible," says Fabio Mendes, Huawei's Director of Channel Partners, Enterprise Group for Latin America.

The project has three objectives: to make the population aware of the importance of using renewable sources for the generation of energy; qualify, with an itinerant classroom, professionals interested in the installation of photovoltaic systems and bring knowledge to relatively remote regions.

"Our idea is to include in the itinerary the main capitals and important cities identified in the route, promoting photovoltaic solar energy in practice," comments Carlos Evangelista, president of ABGD.

"We have prepared a course with an 8-hour workload, which includes basic notions of regulation of distributed electricity generation, preliminary sizing of solar photovoltaic projects, security and quality of installations and sales," says Evangelista. ABGD expects to train more than 2 thousand people along the route, which includes a 12-month circuit on the road.

In addition to the technical aspects, the course covers several stages of the commercialization process for photovoltaic systems and promotes entrepreneurship. Evangelista points out that renewable energy can be a driving factor in the economic recovery as a whole.

"By strengthening the market for photovoltaic systems in a region, you offer residences and commercial establishments a possibility to save on the energy tariff, and, in addition to that, it dynamizes the economy and generates several jobs," points out the president of ABGD.

In the residential scenario, inside the truck, with a kitchen and laundry equipped and powered by photovoltaic solar energy, it shows how in practice, in everyday life, an environment which electricity is generated right there, with sunlight.

"Throughout ABGD's work, we identified many doubts in the population regarding the complexity and feasibility of installing a photovoltaic system, as well as the guarantee of energy supply," explains Evangelista. The executive points out that in the Huawei Solar Roadshow truck, it will be possible to dispel myths in relation to distributed generation.

Priscila Carazzatto, Commercial Director at ABGD, adds: "ABGD has increasingly sought to promote business development in the sector of distributed electricity generation. The HUAWEI Solar Road Show brings national coverage and a great opportunity to show a fully functioning off-grid system. We will be able to provide means to encourage job creation in a rapidly growing sector. We are talking about the sustainable development of the sector, one of ABGD's operating principles, whose history has been this: combining economic growth, professional qualification and environmental benefits in transformative projects," she concludes.

Carazzatto says that ABGD is already formatting the second phase of the project, which will be an itinerant FV boat sailing on the Purus River (a tributary of the Amazon River), providing training and qualification to the riverside populations of the Amazon, in addition to disseminating and making available all public policies focused on renewable energies and applicable in the Brazilian Amazon region.

How to visit and participate

The visit to the truck, which will also feature the display of videos on renewable energy, will be open to the public and organized in accordance with the safety and social distance COVID-19 protocols. ABGD has the support of an infectious disease specialist to develop its own protocol for the Huawei Solar Road Show, which will have constant sanitization of the environment, the distance between the participants, distribution of two masks for each student and alcohol gel.

Huawei Solar Road Show in Brazil will pass through more than 50 Brazilian cities, in 15 states, aims to qualify professionals and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives with renewable energy.
Huawei Solar Road Show in Brazil will pass through more than 50 Brazilian cities, in 15 states, aims to qualify professionals and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives with renewable energy.

To take the course, it is necessary to register on the site and bring 1 kg of non-perishable food on the training day. ABGD will also invite local companies to contribute with food donations, which will be delivered to an institution in the city where the unit is present.