Highlights of Major PV Solar Companies at SNEC 2024

PVTIME – The 17th International Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition (SNEC 2024) was held in Shanghai, China on 12 to 15 June 2024, where a number of innovative technologies and products were unveiled by PV manufacturers and solar system solution providers.


LONGi focuses on BC technology. On the 13th of June, LONGi officially launched Hi-MO X6 model for villa with power generation capacity of 435W and 450W per square metre at SNEC.

Tongwei Solar

Tongwei Gene and Repower N.

Latest flagship module products: the TNC-G12/G12R, and the record-breaking THC-G12.

JA Solar

newest innovation: the 0BB high-efficiency module! With power outputs up to 645W and efficiency exceeding 23.1%, this cutting-edge module minimizes resistance and maximizes energy output, setting new standards for sustainability and performance.

Trina Solar

Vanguard Series Multi-Motor System, innovative smart tracking algorithms, and a quick installation demo of Vanguard 2P.

Smart Tracking Technology: smart tracking system that sets new standards for efficiency and precision.
High-Performance Modules: Vertex N 700W+ modules, delivering the ultimate in performance and aesthetics across all scenarios.

Advanced Energy Storage: Elementa 2 Energy Storage System, promising unmatched efficiency, safety, and reliability.


N type solar module and latest ES produts for industry and commercial.

TCL Zhonghuan

TZE promotes G12+N type technology advantages to achieve 740W+ Solar Alliance

G12 and 100μm wafers make more power and lower cost.

Gokin Solar

New N-type wafers and modules.


Hanersun has been awarded the prestigious “Top Performer” by PVEL! This accolade highlights its excellence in photovoltaic module performance and reliability.


The cutting-edge solar and smart energy solutions


The Latest PV solutions, including upgraded ABC module.

DAS Solar

Latest N-type series products
Lightweight modules
All-scenarios PV system solutions
Smart rapid shutdown systems
Portable PV systems


The latest innovations in photovoltaic power generation and smart energy solutions.


Risen Energy’s HJT Hyper-ion’s maximum module power is 767.38Wp and the maximum module efficiency is 24.70%!

YIngli Solar

Yingli Solar representes its latest solar innovations and solutions.

Chint (Astronergy)

CHINT is bringing you All-in-one Solution of Green Energy.


Insisting on solar innovations, Seraphim has always been a part of the collective efforts driving the solar industry forward!

DAH Solar

Full screen + DBB (colour) panels

DAH Solar achieves innovative breakthroughs in the integrated application of main gridless solar cell technology and full-screen modules on full-screen DBB (Dense-Busbar).


its flagship Himalaya G12-132 and Everest G12R series of HJT wafers, cells and modules. And its latest innovations in heterojunction will highlight their applications in various solar scenarios, including utility-scale, commercial and industrial, residential rooftop, offshore and vertical installations.




The newly released JSDJ S1 series alkaline water electrolyzer was showcased at the events, which stands out for its high safety, stability, and performance.



N-type high efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafers.

Large size wafers for TOPCon, HJT and XBC cells.


6 types of N-type TOPCon modules can meet the needs of large-scale ground-mounted solar power plants, industrial and commercial rooftops, distributed rooftops and other diverse scenarios.


1500V Utility-scale Grid-Tied Inverters


Comprehensive clean energy solutions for various scenarios. The company presented its latest solutions for Energy Base, Zero-Carbon Park, Zero-Carbon Home, and advanced Flexible Green Hydrogen Production.


EcoSmart Home:
The star product SDT G3, On-grid Inverter
ES G2, Hybrid Inverter, combined with Lynx U Low-voltage Battery
BIPV latest products with features of light, and waterproof
SEMS System to help with smart energy monitoring

EcoSmart Commercial: SMT Series (60-80kW), enhanced version to meet customer needs
GT Series (100-125kW) with super high efficiency
Utility Solution: UT Series (320-350kW): Highly capable, safe, and reliable even in harsh outdoor environments.

Renac Power

RENA1000, the all-in-one C&I hybrid ESS
N3 Plus inverter+Turbo H4&H5 battery, the residential energy storage solution


latest advancements in residential PV systems, energy storage solutions, commercial and industrial offerings, and more.

Sany Silion


Together solar companies are harnessing the sun, powering the future.

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