Hanersun Wraps Busy First Quarter After Successful Solar Solutions Amsterdam

PVTIME – From March 19-21, Solar Solutions Amsterdam provided a conclusion to Hanersun’s fruitful first quarter of 2024. As the largest solar energy exhibition in Northwest Europe, it gathered new technological potential for the growing European market.

Hanersun has long regarded the Dutch market as key to its European strategy. It established a local branch office and warehouse to provide efficient, timely services for the mature Dutch market and enable continuous shipments across Europe.

At Solar Solutions Amsterdam, Hanersun brought a variety of high-efficiency modules utilizing TOPCon and All Back Contact cell technologies. Particular attention was drawn to the HITOUCH 5A 450W module with its ultra-high efficiency of 23.0% and innovative front-side busbar-free design. 

On the energy storage side, the residential HISMART and C&I HNESS systems attracted interest with their integrated smart features. The regulatory environments in the Netherlands and Germany have enabled growth in deployed storage projects through grid interconnection certification of inverters. This positions Hanersun well to capitalize on opportunities for supplying storage solutions to developed European markets with clear standards.

Leading up to Solar Solutions Amsterdam, Hanersun’s first quarter exhibition tour spanned multiple regions. Events in Europe included ENEX in Poland, GENERA in Spain and KEY ENERGY in Italy, while the PV EXPO in Japan and SOLAR PAKISTAN in Pakistan strengthened the company’s important partnerships in Asia as well.

Since directly engaging customers through exhibitions allows Hanersun to promote its product portfolio, the company was able to execute shipments to multiple ongoing projects on the continent.

One such example is a 2MW ground-mounted solar power plant currently under construction in Bulgaria, utilizing Hanersun’s high-efficiency HITOUCH modules to optimize the challenging space atop a closed waste site. Compared to conventional landfill electricity alternatives, the project brings heightened economic and environmental benefits, demonstrating how Hanersun contributes innovative solutions to advance sustainable development globally. 

Modules were also supplied to a 2.1MW installation in Lativa, leveraging Hanersun’s reliable product quality to maximize returns for the customer. Hanersun recently also signed an agreement to supply HITOUCH 5N series modules for a 51MW solar project in Greece. This major project award highlights Hanersun’s growing prominence as a leading international supplier of utility-scale solar solutions.

By delivering bankable products and solutions to the global renewable sector, Hanersun strives to accelerate the clean energy transition worldwide. As the industry continues to grow, the company remains committed to fostering new collaborations that support widespread solar adoption.