Growatt New Energy: a Chinese inverter standing rock-firm in Intersolar by its technological innovation

There are more than 400 PV companies in China attending InterSolar Europe 2012 which ends on June 15th in Munich Germany. And China becomes the second largest participating country after Germany. As the largest exporter of PV inverter in China – Growatt New Energy showed a series of PV inverters and monitoring products developed independently and was known affectionately by the exhibitors as “ Chinese inverter full of technical innovation”.

During this exhibition, Growatt New Energy exhibited 8 inverter models, including growatt2000-5000MTL, growatt3000TL, growatt HF, growatt10-20k etc and three monitoring products, including shine vision, shine pano and so on. These products have attracted much interest and admiration by visitors from around the world. During these three days, the Growatt team received nearly a thousand old and new customers.

The innovative technology of Growatt inverter became the biggest highlight on this exhibition. The Customers carried out many extensive exchanges about Muilt MPPT, topology and Low Voltage Ride with this elite team. Part of local visitors also expressed great interest in Growatt. After the introduction of the technical staff, they described Growatt as “ SMA from China ”.

It is known that Growatt New Energy is the first chinese inverter who dares to be tested in PHOTON Lab – an international authority on inverter test. Its inverter is given an A + for its first test. Because of its advanced efficiency. this result obtains a lot of attention in the European photovoltaic industry and creates a very good basis for Growatt to take root in Europe. Currently Growatt PV inverter sells quite well in Germany, Italy and Great Britain … It becomes the most popular and the largest chinese supplier in European market.

Relying on its outstanding performance in technological innovation and C/P Ratio, Growatt shines brilliantly at Intersolar. During the exhibition, the old customers all came to discuss business and Growatt has also received many new opportunities for cooperation with the exhibits all ordered. After this exhibition, the market position of Growatt New Energy in Europe will be further strengthened.


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