Growatt Introduces New Generation Three-Phase Inverter Into Brazilian Market

PVTME – Growatt, one of the world’s top 5 three-phase string inverter suppliers according to IHS Markit, introduces MAC series of its X generation inverters for three-phase solar PV market in Brazil. The new inverter series provide flexibility to meet the grid requirement of different voltages for commercial and industrial (C&I) solar plants, including MAC 15-36KTL3-XL for three-phase application at 220V and MAC 50-70KTL3-X LV/MV at 380V

Growatt inverter products

Growatt’s MAC inverter provides better performance and higher ROI. The inverter comes with a maximum efficiency of 98.8% and a maximum DC voltage at 1100V. It has 3 MPPTs to improve the capability to handle irregular roofs when designing the PV system. It’s also compatible with bifacial modules and can lower LCOE for system owners. MAC inverter has very appealing and user-friendly design with OLED display and touch button that has a longer lifespan and can last over three million clicks!

Additionally, MAC has the local WiFi function for installers and service engineers for the purpose of configuration and troubleshooting. The inverter also works with a variety of devices through communication options such as 4G, GPRS and WiFi for remote monitoring, which can reduce onsite visits and O&M costs. System owners can also log onto Growatt’s ShinePhone App to check power generation and carbon emissions reduction.

“With the introduction of MAC 15-36KTL3-XL and MAC 50-70KTL3-X LV/MV, we can now meet the requirements of most C&I solar plants in Brazil,” said William Xu, Growatt Brazil Sales Manager. “Growatt is committed to the development of solar energy in Brazil. With our service center established in Mogi das Cruzes early last year, we have a stronger foundation to expand our businesses across Brazil along with our partners!”