Grace Solar Signed Supply Agreement for 2mw Solar Energy Project with European Customer

In November, Grace Solar signed the agreement to supply solar panel supports for the 2mw PV energy station in Europe. As a major breakthrough in European market, Grace Solar will further expand sales share in the emerging market of Europe, and expect to finish the installed capacity of 180mw next year.

It is reported that in order to promote economic development, the government start reconstruction project in residential area, and this company undertakes 850 sets of roof project. On this basis, Grace Solar can reach the strategic cooperation with this company. According to the agreement, Grace Solar will supply the roof mounting systems for the initial 850 sets of pilot program. Once completed, this project will be the first large-scale solar energy station in Europe. This European company has long-term committed to solar energy and wind power application, and will continue to cooperate with Grace Solar to deepen develop European market after finishing this project.


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