Grace Solar Marched into Japan Market

Since the big earthquake and Fukushinia Nuclear Power Plant accident, Japan has suspended or stopped most of the nuclear power plants operation. The government also picked up the solar power generation FIT policy. The Recyclable Energy Purchasing Regulation, which will be officially taken effect in 2012, July, set rules that electric power companies purchase solar energy in stock from enterprises and the series polices supporting solar PV industry development, which will effectively promote the Japanese solar industry. Although global PV market encountered a hard hit these years, Japanese PV market has been stably growing benefited from government supporting policy.

Chinese PV industry rapidly developed recently years, which has not much difference in power and quality compared to Japanese solar PV products. Japan indigenous market might have sort of relies on its own brand, but also probably inclines to the same quality, more cost-effective Chinese products.

China Grace Solar was positive about the opportunity and mad full effort to march into Japan market. Beside from Asian, Euro and America departments, Grace solar has set up separate Japan Business Department with a group of special market and research personnel, and so as the Japanese website.

Aim at the Japanese solar market features, Chinese solar companies should further reduce the cost, cultivate new application field through technical progress, and research new products, to expand the market share in Japan. Next step Grace solar will seek alliance or cooperation with Japan noted PV panel manufactures.


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