Grace Solar Completes Ground Mounting PV Station in Cape Town

Grace Solar has completed the 856KW PV ground mounting power station project in Cape Town on June 20, which has taken Grace Solar ramming pole mounting structure as the project materials.

The power station has been completed in 4 months, which will be subsidized with FIT from Cape Town government. Grace says that, local workers have been involved in this project.

“Grace Solar is keeping its promise all the time, we assist our cooperative partners with founding and developing the solar power stations in both mature and burgeoning markets.’JKeon says, the vice manager of Grace Solar BU,‘With constant innovation and good quality service to foreign customers, Grace Solar is able to provide all customers with intact and wide-ranged solar power station developing solutions”

In recent months, lots of mega PV projects have been carried out in Cape Town because of the sunny nature conditions and the favorable FIT subsidizing policies.


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