Grace Solar completed Uruguay 480KW PV color steel tile roof generating station installation

 The biggest solar PV generating station in mid Uruguay with total install capacity of 480KW combined to the grid successfully, expected generating electricity 600,000 degree annual.

According to introduction, this solar PV generating station intergrated of solar PV module and industrial factory building without occupying land source, invested 19.8 million RMB, can generate electricity 600,000 degrees annual and reduces 512 tons discharge of pollution. The key facility –480KW color steel tile roof mounting system was researched and made by Grace Solar, which technical index reached the international advanced level. “The industrialization of the science and technology achievement locally will improve the comprehensive capability of national high-tech industry , also will promote the innovation capability of Grace Solar.”Expressed by Grace Solar relevant person in charge.

The high efficient high effective design of Grace Solar color steel tile roof mounting system made it easy and fast in planning, management and operation of PV system project optimize the value of every tile installation. Highly pre-assemble made easy transportation and saving cost and labor time maximally .The roof brackets used al alloy material which is light weight, easy to install and anticorrosive, and also improve wind and snow load ability by its high strength structure.

The Uruguay renewable institution expert expressed, 480KW solar PV generating station built by Grace Solar combining to the grid has solved the technique bottleneck of Uruguay grid generating technology large-scale popularizes application, make it possible to optimize utilization of the solar PV generating electricity under the tense source shortage situation.


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