GoodWe DS Series Inverters Achieved Australian SAA Approval

According to GoodWe, GoodWe DS (Dual MPPT, Single Phase) Series successfully passed the test carried out by the international authoritative test organization – TUV, and obtained the Australian SAA approval.

According to introducing, DS Series Inverters could simultaneously track two groups of solar PV panel serials which are usually in the different illumination condition, to track the maximum power point of each panel serial. Through GoodWe’s unique algorithms, DS Series could easily get the optimum energy conversion efficiency of the solar PV system. Generally, this type of inverters, with superior performance, could achieve the maximum conversion efficiency of 98.2% and the European Efficiency over 97.5%.

DS Series Inverters is specifically targeted at double-sided roof-structured houses for countries such as Australia, Germany, UK and etc. The successful acquirement of SAA approval has created favorable conditions for the Australian Market. It is believed that more Australian users are expected to get better investment gains with the ever spread of DS Series Inverters in the Australian Market.

GoodWe SS (Single MPPT, Single Phase) Series obtained the SAA approval in 2011. This kind of inverters has won the positive high praise of the Australian dealer and users after putting on the Australia market for only a year. It is confident that GoodWe Inverters will have an explosive growth in the Australian solar PV Inverters market in 2012.


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