GoodWe Centralizes Its Local Presence in EMEA

GoodWe- This significantly increased cooperation will upgrade GoodWe Europe GmbH to become the European headquarters, centrally bundling the activities of our historically important pioneer branch in the UK and the ever successful Dutch branch with the German GmbH and creating a coherent powerhouse in Europe.

The aim is not only to use synergies efficiently together in order to act more effectively, but also to further develop sustainable cooperation with customers on site and to be able to better address their interests. In order to be able to identify with a business partner, it is crucial that this partner has local competencies and is fully committed to a joint approach. It is important to show its clients that GoodWe are there for them, but also that local staff can analyse and define market strategies and requirements with the purpose of better understanding and adapting to their needs. Three offices in Europe, more country managers with a local presence in each country and two European warehouses allow the company to serve its customers in their own countries and territories and are an important milestone in the ongoing internationalisation of the brand. The GoodWe EMEA headquarters in Munich is a commitment to long-term planning of cooperation and to building confidence in a common future.

With its team of now more than 30 employees in EMEA,
GoodWe Europe acts as a local partner in the entire region and offers
comprehensive support in the areas of pre-sales, sales, after-sales and
product service. After two intensive and very fruitful years of
establishing the European headquarters and expanding the team of
dedicated and experienced employees, GoodWe is looking forward to the
future growth and challenges of our industry more than ever. Especially
this last year of rapid expansion, which has been rewarded with
prestigious awards and international recognition, has confirmed that
GoodWe is on the right track.

GoodWe Europe, headquartered in
Munich, Germany, is currently able to support customers locally in each
country and will improve even more in the coming time. The focus is on
sales and technical support as well as operations, logistics, finance,
HR and marketing.

“The GoodWe Europe GmbH was founded in 2018 and
has managed to grow very quickly and to build a broad network to meet
all the requests of its customers. With the aim of expanding even
further and ensuring optimal support, the company plans to further
increase its staff and local structure in 2021 so that customers can
rely on Goodwe as a strong and loyal partner for long-term business with
a globally recognised brand,” says Thomas Haering, Managing Director of
GoodWe EMEA.

Ranked as one of the top 10 solar inverter
manufacturers in the world in 2019 by Bloomberg, IHS & Wood
Mackenzie, GoodWe measures its success by the success of its customers
by identifying and integrating the most advanced components and
technologies while providing unparalleled customer service. As a stable,
bankable company, GoodWe has built its reputation as a business through
sustained growth in all markets in which it operates. A prudent,
step-by-step approach of strategic growth and consolidation provides
longevity, profitable growth, and increased market share.

well recognized as a top brand inverter manufacturer for residential,
storage and C&I sectors, GoodWe is now also covering the
Utility-scale markets with its brand new inverters offering a range from
100 to 250 kW, both at 1100Vdc and 1500Vdc.

With its pre-sales
team GoodWe is able to support their customers to fulfil the most
demanding tenders, requests of high-level support and fully integrated
utility-scale solutions.