Gongchuang's successful operation of 50MW high efficiency thin film solar module

Hunan Gongchuang PV Science & Technology Co., Ltd held grand opening ceremony at 10:08 on May 9th, reported by Sun wenyan of PVMate.com. The successful rolling out of the first efficiency thin film solar module marks the production of Gongchuang’s first project of 50MW. The total investment exceeds ¥2 billion, building up the production base of 200MW silicon based thin film solar module.The construction scale is 50MW at the first stage, using the latest assembly line of photovoltaic thin film micromorphous silicon tandem solar module from Oerlikon in Switzerland, and the conversion efficiency surpassing 10 percent, which is the leader of its similar products globally.

The president of Hunan Gongchuang PV Science & Technology Co., Ltd,Xie hui.

Hunan Gongchuang PV Science & Technology Co., Ltd., the Chinese-Foreign joint venture company, is the first thin film solar module manufacturer in Hunan Province and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) application for on-grid and off-grid solar power stations. The Company, founded in July 2009 and operated under the Gongchuang Group, covers an area of 140000 square meters and belongs to part of the “Action Plan on Hunan 1,000MW Solar PV Vertical Integration Industry Chain”.

The Gongchuang production project of photovoltaic thin film micromorphous silicon tandem solar module is one of Hunan Province’s key construction programs for 2010 and 2011. The project, an emerging industry having obtained great support from the state, aligns with the national energy development strategy. Different from traditional crystalline silicon solar cell production, this project employs recent international advanced silicon thin film solar cell fabrication technology. With lower iron glass as substrate, the products are non-toxic, non-polluting and low-cost in mass production. The silicon thin film solar module is widely used in ground power stations, home and commercial rooftop power generations, photovoltaic agriculture, remote power supply, independent power generation systems, and building integrated photovoltaic involving curtain walls, skylight, sunshades and sound insulation. They have a good market prospect and social benefits, as well as significance in improving the energy consumption structure, saving the increasingly scarce fossil energy and reducing carbon emissions to develop a low-carbon economy.


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