Goldpoly Completed the Further Issue of US$70,000,000 Convertible Bonds

Goldpoly New Energy Holdings Limited (“Goldpoly” or “the Company,” HK stock code: 686, whose largest shareholder is China Merchants New Energy Group “CMNE”) announced that it has successfully issued Convertible Bonds due 2016 for an aggregated principal amount of US$70,000,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$542,500,000). These convertible bonds are an extension of an earlier series of US$50,000,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$387,500,000) convertible bonds issued on 8 October 2013. The aggregate principal amount from the issue of the Convertible Bonds is US$120,000,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$930,000,000). This has provided the Company and its subsidiary the necessary capital base to further develop its solar power generation business.

The Arranger is Credit Suisse, and the Purchasers are comprised of a subsidiary of China Orient Asset Management Corporation, a subsidiary of Fosun Group and 3 funds run by the US-based asset management firm York Capital Management. With the same conditions of the first convertible bonds issued, the 5% secured guaranteed convertible bonds issued are convertible into shares at an initial conversion price of HK$1.60 per conversion share.

Mr. Alan LI, Executive Director/CEO of Goldpolysaid: “We are delighted that renowned investors both at home and abroad are welcoming the issue of Convertible Bonds by the Company. It is a clear vote of their support and recognition in our solid business foundation. Given the completion of the issue of Convertible Bonds, as well as the strategic acquisition activities of solar power plants together with Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd and Huabei Expressway, we have no present intention to undertake further fund-raising exercise in the near term. The Company will work more closely with centrally-administered enterprises and other major institutions on acquiring for qualified solar power plants and meanwhile, enhance the application of solar power in a prudent manner. We will devote persistent efforts to realize the Company’s strategic goals.”


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