Global Leading Solar Inverter Company Growatt Announces Plan to Expand Into Vietnam

PVTIME – Growatt, a global leading solar inverter company, announces that it will enter and expand into Vietnam with new products and local services. This year, Growatt plans to increase branding in Vietnam and introduce its PV inverter products for commercial and residential consumers. The company sees that Vietnam’s distributed PV market is growing fast and will focus on the roof PV market.

Fast-Growing Tech Company in China’s Tech Hub

In 2010, a solar inverter company called Growatt was established in Shenzhen. The company attracted a group of experienced R&D engineers who were leading experts in the field of photovoltaics in China. In ten years, they built Growatt into a global leading inverter company. In 2013, the company received the honor of China National High-Tech Enterprise.

Worldwide Brand Recognition

Growatt brand is recognized by end users and installers around the world. Its latest smart and powerful MAX inverter for commercial solar plants has been given the All Quality Matters award by TUV Rheinland. In addition, it has received TOP Brand PV Seals by EuPD Research, the honor of No.1 Residential PV Inverter Supplier in China by PVBL etc. By 2018 Growatt has become the World No.3 single-phase PV inverter supplier and one of the World’s TOP 10 PV inverter suppliers according to IHS Markit.

Reliable and Quality PV Solutions

At present, Growatt offer a comprehensive range of smart PV solutions including on-grid, off-grid and storage inverters as well as smart energy management solutions. Growatt focuses on enhancing product reliability and has built stringent QC system, the Five Quality Engineering Process which includes design engineering, test engineering, manufacturing engineering, component engineering and reliability engineering.

Global Footprint

By far Growatt has shipped over 17GW of PV systems worldwide and its inverters have been installed in over 100 countries. Over 350,000 inverters have been running perfectly for over five years. The company has established an extensive service network with 14 branch offices and 14 warehouses around the world. With its service center in Vietnam along with advanced and reliable products, Growatt is gaining increasing popularity in the country as companies and households turn to solar to tackle electricity shortage.