GCL Tech to Launch 120,000MT of Polysilicon Project in Saudi Arabia

PVTIME – GCL Tech, a top manufacturer of polysilicon, has announced its intention to commence a silicon production initiative in the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 120,000 tons annually.

Lan Tianshi, joint CEO of GCL Tech, stated in an interview that Saudi Arabia’s industrial manufacturing capabilities have been proven with an established infrastructure in place to support the project. Notably, the country’s surplus of sunshine presents a propitious opportunity for a transition from oil-based energy generation to solar power production.

The new facility is expected to become operational as early as 2025. The company has visited Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both of which are potential locations where the company “hopes to launch a silicon project”. Additionally, GCL Tech has discussed expanding to Mexico and Australia to serve the North American market.

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