First XBC Module, Aiko Energy’s N-Type ABC, Wins Red Dot Product Design Award 2023

PVTIME – Shenzhen Aiko Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(“Aiko Energy”), a fully-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Aikosolar Energy Co., Ltd. (Aikosolar; stock code: 600732), is a high-tech enterprise engaged in high efficient modules and provide comprehensive solutions to project development, planning, financial services, EPC and O&M and relevant services, was recently selected from thousands of entries from more than 60 countries for its advanced design concept and excellent performance, and won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2023, the most influential international industrial design award. The winner is a direct example of today’s technical, social, economic and environmental demands on the consumer industry, making Aiko Energy’s N-type ABC module the first XBC PV module to win this award in the world.

Aiko Energy’s N-type ABC module, a new generation technology

The N-type ABC module, a breakthrough innovation, defines the aesthetic-black solar module with all-round excellence and precise technology, and was selected based on the four principles of good design and by taking into account the social-cultural character, specific technical focus area and design expertise. As a winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2023, Aiko Energy is very honored that its ABC module, where high technology and aesthetics coexist in harmony, has been recognized by competent expert juries in the fields of product design and design concepts.

High conversion efficiency at 23.6% for N-type ABC modules in mass production, and low degradation rate ≤ 1% in the first year, then ≤ 0.35% year by year

As the superstar among Aiko Energy modules, the N-type ABC module, manufactured by Aiko Energy, is designed with both aesthetic and functional characteristics. It adopts an all-back-contact structure, with both positive and negative metal contacts on the back of the cell, and no metallisation finger on the front, which features an all-black module with complete absorption of sunlight, presenting high conversion efficiency and ultimately elegant appearance on buildings.

Meanwhile, Aiko Energy presents its ABC module with an outstanding solution that uses a silver-free metal coating for metallisation, thus ushering in a new era of silver-free photovoltaic products for the industry.

All of these innovative technologies and designs result in high conversion efficiencies. Aiko Energy’s N-type ABC module achieves a power output of 460W+ for 54-cell at 2m2 and 610W+ for 72-cell at 2.6m2, with the maximum efficiency of 23.6% in mass production. Compared with the current mainstream PERC modules, the power output of ABC modules can be increased by more than 15% over the whole life cycle, creating huge market potential.

In addition, Aiko Energy has launched a series of modules based on the new generation of N-type all-back-contact cell technology and one-stop smart photovoltaic solutions and services to meet customers’ needs for clean energy in various scenarios as well as aesthetic experiences. With ABC cell technology as its core, Aiko Energy produces and delivers solar products, solar projects and turnkey energy solutions to promote the goal of zero-carbon emissions worldwide.