First HJT+THL Solar Cell Rolled Out by Tongwei Solar

PVTIME – Tongwei Co., Ltd. (Tongwei, 600438.SH), a leading company engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of core solar products, is pleased to announce that its Global Innovation R&D Centre has become operational and the first HJT cell using THL technology has rolled off the production line at the Centre.

Tongwei’s Global Innovation R&D Centre was launched in November 2023 and mainly focuses on upgrading its n-type solar cells and related materials, modules, as well as analysis, testing and innovation. It has built not only an integrated workshop for HJT cells with THL technology and perovskite cells, but also TBC products and modules, with the largest area, capacity and potential in the global PV industry, as well as a PV testing centre with large area and high intelligence. It is the key research and development facility that will prevent risk, find direction and position the company for the market in the next five, ten or more years.

In addition, Tongwei Photovoltaic Technology Centre announced two new world records. It achieved a maximum output power of 765.18W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 24.63% on the independently developed THC 210 high-efficiency module with a standard size of 2384mm*1303mm. Meanwhile, a breakthrough was achieved on the TNC 210 high-efficiency module with a maximum output power of 743.2W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 23.93%.

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