ET Solar Multi-crystalline Module Demonstrated High Performance in PHOTON Tests

ET Solar Group Corp. (“ET Solar”), a leading solar one-stop solution provider, today announces that its multi-crystalline ET-P660240 module demonstrated high yield performance in the outdoor tests conducted by PHOTON Laboratory (“PHOTON Lab”).

The ET-P660240 modules are multi-crystalline modules that have a maximum unit power output of 240 watts. They were introduced by ET Solar in 2010 and have been one of the key module products of the company. The product was mainly sold to Europe and accounted for a large proportion in ET Solar’s total sales since then.

In a recent test conducted by PHOTON Lab, the ET-P660240 module achieved 629 kWh/kW in yield performance over the 8-month testing duration, and ranked highest in all multi-crystalline modules from various globally reputable module producers that the lab tested outdoor under the same conditions.

PHOTON Lab is among the most famous and well recognized PV system testing and measurement laboratories in the world. Since 2005, PHOTON Lab has been measuring energy yield of solar modules from world’s leading PV module manufacturers. The measurement tests compare the energy output, on a per kilowatt basis, of participating modules.

Mr. Dennis She, President and Chief Executive Officer of ET Solar, commented: “We are delighted that our modules performed very well in this rigorous test. This is one very good example of how our strong efforts to ensure world-class product quality paid off. We are confident to achieve top results in the yield performance test eventually and look forward to working with PHOTON Lab and other international testing organizations closely on product quality and performance validation going forward.”


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