Eoplly Partners with SolarBridge to Offer ACPV Rooftop Kits at Solar Power International

Eoplly to offer 240W AC Module and System Kits for Residential and Commercial Rooftop Applications

Solar Power International, Orlando, Florida —September 12, 2012—Eoplly New Energy Technology Co., a designer and manufacturer of solar products, today announced a partnership with SolarBridge Technologies, a leader in integrated microinverter technologies, to offer a high-efficiency AC module, based on Eoplly’s 250W monosilicon solar module and the SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverter. The ACPV system will increase the energy output of residential and commercial rooftop systems by up to 25%.

Eoplly will offer the EP-156M/60-250AC module starting 4th quarter of 2012 in the US market. The factory-integrated AC panels will be certified to UL standards and backed by an end-to-end 25-year performance and power warranty.

“We are excited to be offering an AC module and racking solution for residential and commercial rooftop customers. Eoplly’s AC module integrates the SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverter, the highest power, module-integrated microinverter on the market today,” said Warren Nishikawa, CEO and General Manager of Eoplly USA Inc. “The ACPV solution is extremely flexible, enabling customers to add more Eoplly AC modules at any point, especially as customers see the results and decide to install more solar to further off-set their electricity costs.”

In addition to the AC module, Eoplly will also offer customers the option for complete rooftop kits ranging from 3kW to 10kW, packaged and delivered to site in a single box[NE1] . The rooftop kit will include Eoplly’s AC modules, racking system, DC and AC cabling and components. Equipped with a complete monitoring and management system powered by SolarBridge, the Eoplly kit will provide installers and energy consumers an easy-to-install, intuitive, cost-effective solution.

The benefits of Eoplly’s AC modules and kits are the following:

Up to 25% More Energy – Eoplly modules with SolarBridge Pantheon II microinverters optimize the PV system’s energy production with maximum power point tracking at the panel level, thereby minimizing losses due to module mismatch, uneven soiling, shade or roof orientation. As a result, up to 25% more energy can be generated with an ACPV system over conventional string and central inverter configurations.

Design Flexibility – With an ACPV modular system approach, the system owner can add capacity at any time. Additionally, modules can be separated across a rooftop with many obtrusions without worrying about string length and continuity.

25-Year Power Warranty – Eoplly AC modules are fully backed by Eoplly’s industry-leading, 25-year linear power warranty for the DC module and 25-year warranty on the integrated microinverter. By eliminating the need to replace a conventional string inverter, system owners dramatically reduce costs over the life of the PV system.

Lower Labor Costs – With factory-integrated microinverters, Eoplly AC modules eliminate the need for inverters to be installed on site. The ACPV system design eliminates many DC balance of system components, such as grounding electrodes, AC trunk cables, and DC cables and combiner boxes. As a result, installation time can be cut in half and associated labor costs are reduced up to 25%.
Safer AC System – Eoplly ACPV systems eliminate the risk of arc faults due to high-voltage DC on rooftops. First responders can easily switch off AC systems in emergencies.

Lower logistical and operating costs – By providing the complete system in a single kit, Eoplly’s ACPV systems will greatly reduce the cost of sourcing components and delivering systems to site for installers. Web-based monitoring of the system enables any performance issues to be identified remotely without the high cost of dispatching crews to troubleshoot on-site.

“SolarBridge is a global leader in microinverter R&D and manufacturing. The partnership has provided us additional capabilities and flexibilities in PV module and system design,” said Yue Ma, Ph.D., chief technical officer (CTO) of Eoplly “As an optimized PV solutions provider, we continually strive to improve system efficiencies that benefits energy production while reducing overall system cost and complexity. The Eoplly AC module and kits are excellent examples of our commitment to reducing the levelized cost of PV electricity through system integration and optimization”

“Eoplly provides a complete plug-and-play, modular rooftop solar solution which SolarBridge helps enable through our integrated, highly reliable microinverter design,” said Ron Van Dell, president and CEO, SolarBridge Technologies. “We’re excited to be partners with such an innovative company.”


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