Enphase Energy Expands IQ8 Microinverter Deployments in South Carolina

PVTIME – Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technology company and the world’s leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, announced today that installers of Enphase® products in South Carolina have seen growing deployments of Enphase Energy Systems™ powered by IQ8™ Microinverters.

Enphase recently began microinverter shipments from its new U.S. production facility in Columbia, South Carolina with its contract manufacturing partner Flex. With the recent inauguration of its U.S. manufacturing facilities, Enphase has increased its global capacity of microinverters per quarter, creating new jobs, advancing the country’s clean energy economy, and contributing to the growth of its business.

“Enphase’s U.S. manufacturing in South Carolina brings the supply chain right to our backyard, so that we can quickly deliver industry-leading home energy solutions to homeowners across the state,” said Robby Edge, CEO of EMPWR Solar. “Enphase products give our customers reliable and resilient clean energy solutions that enable a maximum return on investment and true peace of mind.”

“The versatility of IQ8 Microinverters provides exceptional value to homeowners, whether they are looking to invest in solar for the first time or update their existing systems,” said Jay Radcliffe, CEO of Renu Energy Solutions. “The complete IQ8-powered Enphase Energy System unlocks energy independence and true peace of mind for our customers, and we’re proud to offer this solution that’s now made in the Carolinas.”

Enphase microinverters leverage unique software-defined architecture and semiconductor integration for excellent reliability and economies of scale. The products are subjected to a rigorous reliability and quality testing regimen with more than one million hours of power-on testing to ensure exceptional performance under heat, high humidity, salty air, extreme cold, and harsh climate conditions. Enphase IQ8 Microinverters are built to last and come with a 25-year limited warranty.

Enphase microinverter systems integrate with the IQ™ Gateway, which can be connected to the internet to enable over-the-air updates and connect to the Enphase® App monitoring platform. The IQ Gateway and IQ® Microinverters make per-panel energy monitoring and insights for operations and maintenance simple for homeowners.

“We’re excited to offer our customers U.S. manufactured Enphase products, providing a clean, reliable source of energy that can be tailored specifically to their energy needs,” said Cody Coker, CEO of Southern Coker Power. “The capabilities of the Enphase App combined with the highly customizable system enable our customers to take full control of their energy usage and secure maximum cost savings.”

“Our customers rely on us to offer best-in-class technology to power their homes with clean, reliable energy and can help reduce their utility bills,” said Aaron Davis, CEO of Firefly Solar. “Now, with the Enphase contract manufacturing facility in South Carolina, we can see firsthand the amount of care that goes into making microinverters and how Enphase is able to guarantee the products will last 25 years.”

“Enphase continues to align manufacturing with demand to best serve our installer network and their customers,” said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. “We’re pleased to see our microinverters manufactured in the United States unlocking value for South Carolina homeowners, and we commend our experienced installer network in the state for providing customers with an all-around, best-in-class experience that helps drive the adoption of Enphase Energy Systems.”