Econess Modules get financial confirmation from German Bank

On spe,12th, 2012, Econess Energy Co.,Ltd confirmed to get the financial confirmation from Volksbank in Germany for the project in Altenburg.

The photovoltaic power plant has been assembled with 3,600 mono-crystalline solar modules of type “ECONESS EN125M-96-260W”. The plant has an overall performance of 936kwp and has been built onto a conventional industrial real estate. The financing has been handled without any objections.

Volksbank project manager Sebastian Schrader said: We would like to thank you for the pleasant collaboration and are looking forward on an ongoing mutually agreeable business relationship.

The board director of Econess Mr Zhao said: The financial confirmation from Volksbank enhance our confidence for the industry. We are very pleased to further develop the market by the financial assistant from the local banks and bring more renewable energy to the people.


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