DSV and GoodWe Solar Inverter Signed an Agreement on Logistics in UK and Ireland

GoodWe Solar Inverter (GoodWe) has signed an agreement with the international logistics giant, DSV. Depended on DSV’S perfect network and high-efficient logistics system, GoodWe will rebuild its own logistics system in UK, Ireland and other countries. Their cooperation involves logistics service, bonded warehouse, product delivery in UK, Ireland and etc.

DSV group is an international top enterprise for transportation and logistics. Founded in Denmark in 1976, DSV has a worldwide service network, covering 110 countries. DSV is divided into three divisions: DSV Road, DSV Air & Sea and DSV Solutions. DSV Air & Sea is responsible for shipping GoodWe’s products from China to British bonded warehouse, DSV Solutions for establishing bonded warehouse and DSV Solutions for delivering goods in England and Ireland. To meet the needs of customers, GoodWe’s warehouse system and efficient logistic system is established and close enough to the target market, which ensure that its customers can get the products within five days after placing an order.

“with the further advance in European markets, the contradiction between the increasing demand of our customers and the lagging logistic system is becoming more and more obvious. GoodWe is committed to be the world’s leading inverter supplier. To realize this, we have to work hard on improving customer service so as to create a good brand image and get the exciting customer feedback”, said Mr. Jiang Deming, the director of marketing and sales department, when he talked the initial intention of this cooperation. “What should we do next is to learn from the experience in British market and use it in other markets of European continent. That is to regularly stuff the featured products in the local market to have a quick respond to customers’ needs”.

According to the conventional sales system, after an order is placed, it needs about 20-30 days for preparing materials and producing, 3o-40 days for transporting products to distributors’ warehouse, so about 50-70 days are needed to finish this whole process. However, the market environment will undergo some changes after 50 days, which may put the distributors in the embarrassing situation.

“Under the GoodWe’s system, the shortest responding period to our customers can be controlled within five days so that our customers can install the high-quality GoodWe inverters at the first time and use the clean and renewable energy soon”, added Mr. Jiang. “Except quality, technology and service, the high-efficient logistic system will be the important part in establishing GoodWe brand”.


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