Distributed PV System Reduces Carbon Footprint for Eastroc Beverage

PVTIME – Eastroc Beverage (Group) Co., Ltd. (605499.SH) (hereinafter referred to as Eastroc Beverage), a leading beverage manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, recently released its Sustainable Development Report for 2022, which shows that it has achieved a total greenhouse gas emission reduction of 1151.73 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent through photovoltaic power system and technology renovation.

ACC’s rooftop solar project on Eastroc Beverage

In 2022, Eastroc Beverage had invested 38,648,800 in environmental protection, including two distributed solar power projects on the roofs of its workshops.

One of the projects was successfully connected to the grid in December 2022, with an installed capacity of 3.2MW. The project was initiated by Asia Clean Capital Investment Holdings Limited (ACC), a leading developer of clean energy solutions serving large multinational and domestic companies across China. It is capable of generating 253,000 kWh of electricity per month, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 133.36MT of carbon dioxide equivalent. And over the lifetime of the PV system, it is estimated to reduce approximately 60,145MT of carbon dioxide emissions, 11.57MT of sulphur dioxide emissions and 87,471MT of water consumption.

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