Declaration by Shenzhen Jingfuyuan Tech. Co., Ltd


Dear Customers,Sorry to disturb you! Thank you for your concern regarding JFY inverters.

A defamatory and blatantly false email is being sent pretending to originate from Stonestar. The email is fake and there is no truth to the claim that Stonestar is recalling JFY inverters. In actual fact Stonestar is the biggest distributor of JFY in Australia.

They are very satisfied with our inverters and have been cooperating with JFY for a long time. The originator of the email is shortsighted and stupid since anyone will find out the truth of the matter if they simply call Stonestar.

JFY provide excellent inverters at very good prices. This is likely the reason why JFY is envied by a contemptible competitor. We are care not concerned about the rumor. JFY is amongst the top 3 Chinese branded inverters in the Australian market. We continue to provide inverters of high quality for excellent prices. We expect that whoever is the source of this rumor will soon close their doors. In this case, Stonestar have already taken suitable legal actions against this fraudulent attack.

Shenzhen Jingfuyuan Tech. Co., Ltd

Dated August 26, 2012


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