DEAC Is Building a Large New Data Center That Will Be One of the Most Sustainable Data Centers in the Baltic Region

Data center operator DEAC is building a large new data center that will be one of the most sustainable data centers in the Baltic region.

PVTIME – One of the largest independent data center operators in Northern Europe, DEAC, is building a large new data center that will be one of the most sustainable data centers in the region.

DEAC Riga data center is an attractive location for international companies as an outsourcing center, data back office and IT function consolidation due to its IT team’s expertise and excellent qualification.

The new data center will enable DEAC to consolidate its position as a Baltics’ market leader and a top service provider for companies in Europe.

The new data center has a capacity of up to 1000 server racks, ensuring a minimum level of service availability of 99.98 %. The new data center will be a 10 MW facility that will achieve international Tier III certification. DEAC will use on-site solar panels, will be powered entirely by renewable energy and use backup power provided by MY Neste Diesel.

“Together with the data center operator DLC, DEAC offers two primary locations in Riga and Vilnius and is quickly growing to become the Baltics’ most significant and comprehensive data center network.”, comments Quaero Capital managing partner Sebastien Bourget.

“This is an incredible opportunity to build a new data center that meets companies’ needs while also caring for our environment.”, DEAC’s CEO, Andris Gailitis, agrees.