Cumulative Global Shipments of APsystems Microinverters Crosses 1GW Mark

PVTIME – According to the latest statistics, as of December 31, 2020, the cumulative global microinverter shipments of APsystems have exceeded 1GW. With this achievement, APsystems has become the first Chinese microinverter manufacturer to exceed the 1GW shipment millstone since Enphase.

Microinverters have always been in a somewhat niche segment in the inverter field, and a single unit is generally rated to handle below 2kW. According to the Q1-Q3 financial statements of the global microinverter industry leader Enphase, its microinverter product shipments in the first three quarters of 2020 were about 1.5GW, and it is estimated that the annual shipment should be about 2GW to 2.5GW. Similar to Enphase, more than 90% of APsystems business income comes from its microinverter products. In early 2020, despite being affected by the epidemic, APsystems adjusted its production and business strategies in a timely manner and still managed to achieve market share growth in many countries and regions. Now, the company’s next goal is to achieve an annual shipment of 1GW.

Since its establishment in 2010, APsystems has placed product quality and user demands as its core focuses, and has steadily worked towards reaching the 1GW shipment milestone. This year, APsystems microinverters are expected to generate 1.24 billion kWh of electricity and reduce 910,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide for the earth, which is equivalent to the environmental benefits of 45.58 million trees.

Along the way to 1GW, APsystems has realized the industrialization and scale-up of world-class MLPE component-level power electronics technology. Its products have been continuously upgraded to further reduce costs and increase efficiency, taking the user experience to a new level. Due to its active pursuit of both domestic and international markets, its microinverter market share ranks among the top of the industry. APsystems is also committed to promoting the intelligent development of the photovoltaic industry and have deeply incorporated Internet Plus into its operations. According to a survey report conducted by GTM Research, the sales volume of APsystems microinverter products has been ranked second in the world and first in China since 2013.

Up to now, APsystems microinverters have been used in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. APsystems is also among the first batch of enterprises to participate in the development of distributed projects in China. In 2011, it helped build the largest microinverter project in the world at the time and has since participated in the construction of the “Jiaxing Shajiabang Demonstration Project”, the “Jiangxi Wanjia Rooftop Project”, many poverty alleviation projects, and more. In addition to developing the domestic market, APsystems is actively making strategic arrangements and expansion plans for overseas markets as well. In 2011, APsystems became the bestselling microinverter brand in the Australian market and was the first microinverter company to enter the Australian market. In 2012, it set up a subsidiary in the United States, one of the most important international photovoltaic markets. In 2014, it set up a subsidiary in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and established a local sales and warehousing company for the development of the European market. In 2017, a subsidiary in Mexico was established to complete the global sales and service network and provide global users with no time difference in services.

APsystems is very confident in what the future holds for the company given its strong innovative R&D capabilities and rich experience in the photovoltaic market. Going forward, it will continue to make great efforts to improve its market competitiveness with better products and services, create more value for customers and society as a whole, and make unremitting efforts to promote the adoption of efficient and clean energy.