CTIEC Signs a General Contract of Japan 50Mw PV Power Generation Project

On May 3, Mr. Peng Shou, president & board chairman of CTIEC and Mr. Wang Junyan, board chairman of Japan CWC Corporation, on behalf of two sides, signed a general contract of building 50Mw PV power generation project in Japan.

At present, all Japanese nuclear power plants have been stopped, so Japan will have 20% power supply shortage at the power consumption peak in summer. In order to balance the shortage, Japanese Government will issue a series of subsidy policies for encouraging regenerative energy investment. For example, feed-in tariffs of solar power generation system will be subsidized for pre-tax 42 yen/kWh, time is 20 years. Therefore, the large scale PV power stations will have a good development time. CTIEC will be responsible for all work of this project, such as design, procurement, construction, feed-in debugging.


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