COP26: Sungrow Makes “2028 Carbon Neutral” Pledge

PVTIME – COP26, the largest carbon-neutral event across the world draws a conclusion with its commitment to carbon neutrality. On this special occasion, Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, makes its own pledge of carbon neutrality by 2028 and expresses its faith to provide clean power for all.

Sungrow’s Commitment to the “Net-Zero” Mission

During the past few weeks, The COP26 has tirelessly worked to impact change the world with newly-reached decisions, agreements, and other action items, all of which revolve around cutting CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change. More than 190 countries and 1,000 companies are setting new goals toward sustainability and decarbonization. With these joint efforts, the international community moves closer towards the net zero future.

As a member of the RE 100 Initiative, Sungrow also pledges to reach carbon neutrality by 2028, about its 30th birthday. In 2028, the Company promises to use 100% renewable electricity and realize a net-zero carbon footprint across its entire production and operation. Guided by the mission of “Clean power for all”, Sungrow continues to bring out the best of its core advantages of clean power conversion technologies, maintain a momentum of constant technological innovation, and realize the synergized growth of five key business; including, PV inverters, energy storage, wind power, renewable energy investment and development, and green hydrogen.

Making a Difference Through Dedicated Research and Innovation

Throughout its past 24 years in the global renewable energy industry, Sungrow has proven dedicated to product innovation and development. Relying on its competitive power conversion technologies and increased investment in R&D, Sungrow launched the world’s first commercial inverter with over 99% efficiency— the SG60KTL in 2014. In only one short year later, Sungrow improved the efficiency of its entire inverter portfolio to over 99%. In 2016 and 2017, Sungrow further pushed its momentum by launching the world’s first 1500V string inverter—SG80HV, ushering the global inverter industry into the 1500V era.

Sungrow’s innovative spirit is unrelenting. In 2021, Sungrow launched the robust SG350HX, boasting a maximum power of 352kW; thus, opening the era of 300kW power for string inverters. In the Energy Storage Sector, Sungrow continues its focus on R&D and accomplished several breakthroughs with leading technologies. The Company was the pioneer of the 1500V utility-scale ESS era with its SC2500HV. This year, Sungrow also launched its unprecedented Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage System, a trend-setter featuring enhanced safety and efficiency. Sungrow continues innovating in the international C&I and residential ESS market. The ST129CP-50HV Series featuring simplicity, security, intelligence, and cost-efficiency is proof of this accomplishment. Currently, Sungrow possesses a dynamic technical R&D team consisting of over 2,100 employees to maintain The Company’s dedication to research and innovation in order to provide even better solutions to its customers worldwide. 

Sungrow’s Contributions to a More Sustainable World

Due to consistent product innovation, globalized manufacturing, warehousing, sales, and service systems, Sungrow has made considerable achievements and made constant contributions to the global transition to renewable energy. By 2021, Sungrow’s products have been installed in over 150 countries and regions. In fact, the total inverter shipments reached 182 GW — a number equivalent to generating around 257,300 GWh of clean electricity per year and eliminating 205.8 million tons of carbon dioxide. In addition, Sungrow received an AA rate of MSCI ESG rating for two consecutive years, proving its consistent appeal in environmental, governmental, and social investments. As the world’s most bankable PV inverter brand in the world (Ref: BloombergNEF), Sungrow occupies about 30% of the global PV inverter market share; dominating top markets in Australia, South Korea, the Middle East, and many other regions. Further, in 2020, Sungrow shipped more than 800 MWh of energy storage systems worldwide; all of which reported zero security incidents. This year, Sungrow’s newly-launched Liquid-Cooled ESS also supplies the largest Solar plus ESS plant in Southeast Asia, initiating a globalized roadmap for the next decade. Upon the successful conclusion of COP26, Sungrow will provide better solutions and service for customers worldwide and make more contributions to sustainable development through dedicated research and innovation.