Completion of 5.2MWp Rooftop PV Power Plant – ZNSHINE GROUP

Currently global tense situation of energy and global warming are seriously threatening the economic growth and people’s health, requiring countries all over the world to do their utmost and explore new strategies of alternative energy.

The Chinese government has regarded the development of photovoltaic industry as a top priority in energy sector, and has included this priority in its basic policy of national energy development, encouraging the growth of photovoltaic industry, supporting the connections of PV power plants to public grid, giving preferential feed-in-tariff and sharing the cost in the entire community.

Environmental conditions have been warning us the emissions must be reduced and controlled to the utmost extent. As group of companies, Znshine Group is a vertically integrated PV manufacturer, controlling industry value chain from ingots, wafers, modules to system integration. Znshine Group fully realizes the importance of energy to the national economy with its strong social responsibility and social mission.

Responding to the national energy policy and alleviating the emissions, Znshine Group allocates considerable amount of funds for launching the construction of a 5.2MW rooftop PV power plant, which was installed in Jintan Zhixi Industrial Zone on 11 rooftops of the group of companies. The total area of 11 rooftops is about 50000 square meters and the installed capacity of the plant is 5.2MWp. The electricity generated by the power plant will be transmitted to public grid via a public connection point.

The plant mainly consists of solar module, lightningproof header box, DC distribution board, grid-connected solar inverter, AC distribution board and 10KV booster station. The project was successfully completed on December 15, 2011 and was examined and accepted by Jiangsu Power Supervision Department. Connection of the plant to the grid was done at the end of December.

This 5.2MWp rooftop PV power plant done by Znshine Group, as a demonstration project of BIPV application, is aimed at showing the superiority of PV power generation to the public with its authentic and vivid data of the sunshine resources exploitation.

Meanwhile, the completion of this PV power plant articulate that Znshine Group is brave to should the social responsibility and this also meets the requirements of sustainable development strategy, circular economy and harmonious society. The power plant also plays its part in promoting the solar application and the development of PV industry, and is bound to yield remarkable social benefits.


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