CNPV and Rays Power Infra Strike 10MW Solar Module Deal

CNPV Solar Power SA, a public limited liability company organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, today confirmed their on-time progression with Rays Power Infra Private Limited, Jaipur, India (“Rays Power”) as part of their 30+ MW strategic agreement.

Rays Power is one of the most competitive companies in India, providing Consulting-Engineering-Contracting-Commissioning services with extensive experience and expertise in the industry and is dedicated only to the development of solar power plants. With more than 27MW installed throughout India, consisting of projects sized between 0.5MW and 10MW, and a further 40MW in the pipeline, Rays Power is delivering notable change on the solar landscape. Rays Power is the first to launch India’s largest Solar park in the private sector, 100MW capacity in Rajasthan, and another solar park in Andhra Pradesh of 25MW capacity.

As part of this ongoing growth, they continue to evaluate and allocate solar PV module demand as their “hands on” experience increases. With refined and clearly defined requirements, specifically looking at the total cost of acquiring high-quality solar PV modules, they allocated 30+ MWp of solar module requirement to CNPV, of which 10MWp CNPV Modules were already delivered, with the balance targeted to be consumed within the second half of 2013.

Mr Ketan Mehta, Director, Rays Power, confirmed the requirement thus; “Our preliminary success is based upon providing the most competitive offering possible. Our sustained success and growth is based upon ensuring that our initial provision continues to outperform the expectations of customers and end users, which rapidly propagates further opportunities to repeat the profitable cycle. Therefore, our selection of suppliers and the criterion we use for evaluation is crucially important. CNPV has demonstrated a winning portfolio of standards that fully delivers to our needs and we are excited about our collective prospects as we pierce the market together.”

Mr Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CNPV’s COO & CTO, and Mr.  P. Ponsekar, Vice President-South Asia, were equally ecstatic about the current and future potential for success: “Rays Power has understood the opportunities and bottlenecks within India’s solar market; we are gratified to have earned a place in their expansive plans. Their provision of large scale private sector solar parks within India, such as those in Rajasthan (100MW) and in Andhra Pradesh (25MW), is typical of their strategic forethought as they overcome the issue of availability of dispute-free land and provide economies of scale to the benefit of solar power developers, their ultimate customers. It is exciting to be part of this solar business model revolution.”


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