Clenergy’s PanoramaInformation Display System earns China’s Utility Model Patent

Clenergy, the solar park solution provider, developed its Panorama Information Display System to monitor Clenergy’s SPH series of inverters and to provide remote viewing of key parameters. The tablet recently earned China’s Utility Model Patent, which comes on top of previoussoftware copyright patents in Chinaas well as C-Tick and SAA accreditations in Australia, G59 and G83 certifications in Great Britain and CE status in the European Union.

Panorama boasts multiple functionsin an elegant and stylish form factor.The tablet communicates remotely with inverters through digital radio and via RS485 wired systems. The advanced display allows the user to track inverter status and other vital data through its seven-inch TFT LCD display while also storing recorded data for future analysis. The user-friendly interface makes it expedient to study and to use the information system.

Clenergy’s growingpatent portfolio is further evidenceof the company’s strong R&D capacity. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has established three R&D centers around the globe and has invested heavily in the development of new and improved products. Clenergy has earned multiple international patents while establishing the company’s independent intellectual property and reputation in the international PV market.

Accompanied by increasing global sales of Clenergy’s SPH series of inverters, the company is confident that the Panorama Information Display System will fully realize its potential in the international PV market.

About Clenergy

Clenergy International is a leading Sino-Australian joint venture in the solar PV industry, with its headquarters in Xiamen, China, and branch offices in Australia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdomand the United States.Clenergy provides high quality, versatile solar PV mounting products and solutions for commercial, residential and utility-scale customers. Its inverters and power electronic equipmentare supplied with full technical and service support.Clenergy is an ISO 9001 accredited company and all of its products comply with international standards.Clenergy’srapid growth and strong international reputation is the result of its focus on quality, innovation and service.Clenergy maintains long-term strategic partnerships with leading companies in the solar PV industry. Clenergy andits partners provideClenergy products and solutions in more than 19 countries around the world. For more information, please visit


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