Clenergy wins bid for a 30 MW PV project in Alar, China

Tailor-made ground mounting system optimized for high-altitude desert

A renowned international renewable energy developer and an electric power research institute jointly launched this autumn a 30 MW solar PV project in Alar, Xinjiang. Clenergy, the PV installation solution designer and mounting system manufacturer, won the bid for this project on the strength of its comprehensive skill set and proven track record on utility-scale projects. Thanks to Clenergy’s efficiency in supplying tailor-made ground mount systems, the project is now in the final phase of construction.

Xinjiang has rich solar energy resources — the region’s average annual sunshine of 3,500 hours is the second highest in the country. While its vast deserts are highly suitable for large-scale PV power plants, the project site’s complex climatic conditions (high wind and snow) is quite a challenge for PV mounting solutions. Featuring high strength and low weight, Clenergy’s tailor-made ground mount solution and products are up to the challenge.

The new system has all the advantages of Clenergy’s PV-ezRack mounting systems – great compatibility, ease of installation and innovative structural design. In this case, Clenergy boldly changes the traditional support structure of ground mount systems. This innovation reduces the system’s weight and costs while enhancing installation efficiency. In addition, its components are all modular-designed, eliminating the need for welding on site. With a limited exception of stainless fasteners, the materials consist of high-quality C-steel with excellent surface coating. The inventive and reliable structure, together with high-quality materials, assures the system will withstand the severe local environment.

Clenergy’s project engineering, technical support and customer service teams have shown their expertise and efficiency throughout the life of the company’s projects, from the initial conceptual stage to project engineering, product manufacturing and delivery, and after-sales services. Clenergy’s experienced on-site technicians, who follow up on the installation process and ensure the client receives useful and efficient feedback, guarantee the smooth installation of Clenergy products.

“This is the first cooperation between our companies,” said Said Clenergy VP Mr. Wang. “The partnership shows once again Clenergy’s popularity and its innovative potential in the PV mounting system market.” Not long ago, another Awati 20 MW PV project in Xinjiang, China, was signed by Clenergy and the client’s electrical affiliate. Clenergy’s first shipment of system components reached that construction site days ago.

This Alar 30 MW PV project uses Clenergy’s Tailor-made ground mounting solutions

About Clenergy

Clenergy(, which is based in Xiamen (China) and Melbourne (Australia), develops, manufactures and sells high-quality mounting systems for commercial and private PV systems on flat roofs and pitched roofs and in open spaces, inverters with G83 and G59 certification (MCS) and solar controllers for stand-alone facilities. Clenergy was founded in 2004 and is ISO 9001-2008 accredited. All of its products have been tested by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and comply with international standards. Its certified Z-modules and the fact that it only uses high-quality materials such as anodised aluminium and stainless steel means that Clenergy represents products with a recognised high level of quality and safety that are easy to mount and extremely durable. Clenergy’s European headquarters were opened in Germany in 2010, followed by the opening of its own branch in the UK (Northampton) in October 2011. For more, please visit


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