Clenergy supply for installations in Xinjiang Aksu area, China, hits 50MW

Tailor-made ground mounting system optimized for high-altitude desert

Clenergy, the PV installation solution designer and mounting system manufacturer, recently earned its second project contract in China’s Xinjiang Aksu area. The 20MW solar PV project in Awati comes atop a winning bid last fall for a 30MW project in Alar.

A renowned international renewable energy developer in conjunction with two Chinese EPC companies launched the two Xinjiang projects. The Alar project entered formal production on January 18 and construction recently began on the Awati project.

Clenergy has years of experience supporting developers and EPC companies in the successful construction of large solar projects in China and overseas. For the Awati project, Clenergy delivered a ground mount solution with innovative support structure changes. This solution reduces the system’s weight and costs while enhancing installation efficiency. In addition, high-quality C-steel with excellent surface coating improves durability. The inventive structure and high-quality materials assure the system will withstand the severe local environment.

“Clenergy’s superior engineering helped us reduce our installation costs, while the robust technical and service support gave added confidence in working with Clenergy in the long term. It’s a win-win,” said Awati EPC project manager Mr. Wang.

China’s western regions like Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang have vast deserts and rich energy resources. With the Chinese government paying close attention to the development of solar resources in its western region, Clenergy has committed to the promotion of solar energy in the area. The company provided mounting solutions for utility projects in western China totaling more than 200 MW in 2012.

Clenergy’s Alar 30MW project entered production on Jan 18, 2013


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