Clenergy SPS inverters launch in China’s domestic market soon

The full launch in the China market for the Clenergy SPS series of three-phase grid-connected inverters will kick off in the near future. The SPS inverters meet the highest industry technical standards and are suitable for large commercial deployments and ground power stations.

Clenergy CTO Simon Wall led Clenergy’s global R&D team on a three-year project to develop the SPS series. The SPS team harvested several international patents in the development stage and the final product measures up to the industry’s highest technical standards.

SPS features a wide input range (up to 850VDC) with an outstandingly high conversion efficiency rate, making it able to work with almost any device. High-performance components and optimized software and hardware design guarantee that Clenergy SPS inverters run safely and stably, even in harsh environments. In addition, with a full range of communications ports and various data communication modes, the user can monitor the SPS inverter in real-time. SPS is a modular design, featuring ease of installation and maintenance. Small in size and light in weight, any installer will find SPS friendly to sue.

Dr. Simon Wall, Clenergy’s CTO and Chief Scientist, is a committee member of IEC (International Electro Technical Commission) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). He has helped formulate the IEEE1547, UL1741 and UL2200 and other standards for photovoltaic products. Dr. Wall is an expert in multiple fields, including power electronic products, distributed generation, motor control, system model design, embedded software engineer, application software engineer, power management, and project management. His research has yielded 15 patents to date, as well as several papers in leading journals.

The Clenergy SPS series of three-phase grid-connected inverters were formally introduced to the world earlier this month at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China.


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