Clenergy launches ISO 14001 environmental management systems

The system helps Clenergy strengthen its management and competiveness

The second quarter of the year had a bit less heat this summer, as the global PV market was challenged by cooling winds, including the decline of the European PV market due to stresses on euro market countries and industry overcapacity combined with aU.S.anti-dumping policy and anti-subsidy complaint against the Chinese solar industry. Facing challenging market conditions and increasingly fierce competition, Clenergy has responded with aggressive improvements, including the introduction of ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems.

Clenergy passed its ISO9001:2008 with high marks from the assessment panel in 2008, signifying that Clenergy’s quality management and control met or exceeded international levels. The introduction of ISO 14001: 2004 environmental management systems this summer further lifts Clenergy’s management level. The system helps Clenergy minimize negative impacts on the environment during production, operation, and sales of its offerings. The system helps Clenergy to save energy internally and to contribute to the larger community.

The ISO14000 system is internationally known as a “green passport” that gives enterprise market access to many countries. Companies without ISO1400 systems may face trade restrictions on quantities and price caps in some countries. The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that only ISO14000 certified manufacturers are eligible to tender for government procurement. Without question, the ISO14000 system helps Clenergy strengthen its international competitiveness.

Despite some twists and turns along the road, the global PV industry is believed to be headed for a strong second half of 2012. Driven by its full commitment to innovation, quality and service, Clenergy constantly strives to improve its comprehensive strength, actively responding to its competition and challenges.


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