CLENERGY earns “Xiamen Famous Trademark” title

Clenergy International officially earned Xiamen Famous Trademark designation for its “Clenergy” trademark in July. The city’s Attestation Council conferred the certification in July.

The headquarters of Clenergy International is in Xiamen, China, one of the country’s five economic special zones and one of the most vigorous ports in China. As a National High-Tech Enterprise and a leading firm in the domestic and international renewable energy industry, Clenergy is honored to have received recognition and plaudits from governmental and other official authorities at all levels. Among many candidate enterprises in Xiamen, Clenergy was the only company in the renewable industry that earned the “famous trademark” designation.

The standards for Xiamen Famous Trademark certification are high, requiring that the trademark be well-known in the market and that the product excel in in terms of quality, sales, market share and other economic indicators. The trademark must be known both in China and in export markets. Earning the Xiamen Famous Trademark is further validation of Clenergy’s achievements in China and beyond.

Clenergy has paid significant attention to brand building and brand protection from its earliest days. The company has undertaken nine trademark registrations in China and 14 overseas. In overseas market including America, Australia, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and others, Clenergy has applied for trademark registration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), setting a solid foundation for the brand’s international promotion. To further establish the Clenergy brand worldwide, the company maintains long-term cooperative relationships with prestigious PV magazines and websites, and frequents industry events around the world.

The positive effect of Xiamen Famous Trademark certification will extend to Clenergy’s brand promotion, trademark protection and anti-counterfeit programs. Clenergy is proud to have received this award and will continue its efforts to spread awareness of Clenergy’s commitment to quality, service and innovation.


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