Chint/Astronergy Forms Joint Venture with Koyo Holdings to Penetrate the Japanese Market

Chint/Astronergy announced the partnership with Japanese company, Koyo Holdings to form a joint venture in Tokyo in order to better serve its customers and penetrate deeper into the prominent Japanese solar market. The new joint venture company is called KoyoAstro Co. Ltd.

Japan has had a successful Solar PV market with a relatively long history. After last year’s Fukushima nuclear crisis, Japan is determined to transform into a new economy with reduced nuclear power. This significant shift boosts the demand and presents great opportunities for renewable energies including solar PV in Japan.

The strategic partnership between the two companies brings great synergy, with Astronergy providing quality PV products as well as total solutions to various PV systems, and Koyo taking advantages of its wide business connections and sales channels in Japan.

The Chint Group’s Chairman Mr. Nan Cunhui, Astronergy’s Senior VP Mr. Alan Yuan and Koyo’s Chairman Mr. Kawaji attended the joint venture establishment ceremony.


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