Chint/Astronergy Completes 50MW Solar PV Power Plant in Bulgaria

Chint/Astronergy today announced its completion of a solar PV power plant with a total installed capacity of 50MWp in Bulgaria. The commercial operation date of the solar power plant is on June 12, 2012.

The solar PV power plant is expected to generate 1,858,548,000 kWh of electricity during the next 25 years. All electricity will be connected to the local net-grid with a fixed Feed-in-Tariff. The entire project took three months of construction work. All the polycrystalline PV modules made by Chint/Astronergy have been mounted on the ground. The solar power plant can deliver abundant green electricity to the local communities with zero carbon emission. The investment made by Chint/Astronergy also helped contribute to the local employment by hiring local staff and workers.

Bulgaria has good solar irradiance condition which is quite suitable for developing PV projects to reduce reliance on conventional fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which currently compose over 90 percent of the country’s total energy mix.

“The completion of the PV power plant marks great milestone for Astronergy’s developments in Bulgaria. Astronergy will continue making more efforts to deliver the alternative energy to the world.” Astronergy’s CEO, Dr. Liyou Yang emphasizes.

“Astronergy has kept its commitment to develop solar power plants with partners not only in mature PV markets, but also in emerging markets. Backed by its parent company, the Chint Group,Astronergy can provide a complete range of electrical products and solutions to solar project developments.” Astronergy’s Senior Vice President and CSO/CMO, Mr. Alan Yuan commented.


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