China’s photovoltaic market starts,Solar power in agriculture is inevitable

National Energy Administration held the distributed photovoltaic power generation meeting on 16th June. The discussion of industrial district distributed photovoltaic model project was also held in the meeting. This meeting is to practice the State Council’s spirit in the meeting of promoting photovoltaic’ healthy development, enhance the market application of distributed power generation and analyze the relevant work of photovoltaic power generation.

Meeting was held by the vice president of national energy administration Liu Qi, and the new president Wu Xinxiong made an important speech.

The State Council’s meeting proposed 6 measures to solve the problems in photovoltaic business such as the generation purchase, misallocation of allowance and financing difficulties, making the relevant enterprises greatly encouraged. It is said that the policy will come out in August.

Thanks for the enormous growing motivation of China’s photovoltaic market, the companies are all expecting a bright future in this business, such as CESEC, Risen, Linuo Power, as they are all preparing for the integrated agricultural photovoltaic projects. A charger of Risen says photovoltaic ecological agricultural greenhouse project is the main direction of Risen to construct distributed photovoltaic station and operation. It will bring in the electricity fee as well as the ecological agricultural greenhouse planting.


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