China Banking Regulatory Commission Documents: support the development of domestic PV

Last Friday, the reporter learned from the China Banking Regulatory Commission Office, the internal has issued a document of “Promoting the healthy development of the banking sector to support photovoltaic industry notice.” “Notice” said that the photovoltaic industry is a sunrise industry which has great potential for development, banking financial institutions should implement the relevant requirements of “a number of opinions of State Council on promoting the healthy development of photovoltaic industry”, to take effective measures to support the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. The Notice required to implement credit customer-oriented management, avoid credit policy of the photovoltaic industry “across the board”; implement the credit customer classification management, take differentiated credit policy; implement a dynamic list management, adjust the credit customers timely; implement a flexible credit management, support photovoltaic enterprises out of difficulties; actively support the merger and reorganization, and promote industrial restructuring PV; actively innovative financial products, improve service capabilities; actively regulate rates management, reduce PV corporate financial burden.

Affected by several rating agencies, many rating agencies consider photovoltaic industry reversal trend remains unchanged, the improvement of corporate earnings got further confirmed in the third quarter, recommend Aerospace electronics, Zhongli Technology, Lungi shares, Risen energy, TBEA, Hareon sun power, AiKang Technology, Jiangsu broad-minded, new Daxin Materials, Yama and so on.
Risen energy: benefit from the domestic market, sales booming photovoltaic industry chain company cells and modules covering two areas, the current production capacity is approximately 800MW. Benefited from strong demand in the domestic market, the company is currently high capacity utilization, compared with last year, customer payments situation is significantly improved, shipped back section can basically completed about 80% , the product price is also relatively stable.


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