Canadian Solar: Wafer Capacity Expected to Reach 60GW and Module 80GW by 2024

PVTIME – Canadian Solar disclosed on 13 September 2023 that its production capacity of rod, wafer, cell and module is expected to reach 50.4 GW, 60 GW, 70 GW and 80 GW, respectively, by the end of 2024.

Currently, Canadian Solar’s core production consists of manufacturing n-type TOPCon cells and modules. Both 210 and 182 TOPCon variants are available for global customers. Promotions for the latest and most advanced TOPCon cell are expected to be rolled out in Canadian Solar’s manufacturing sites located in Suqian and Yangzhou, China, as well as in Thailand. These advanced TOPCon cells have a conversion efficiency of 25.6% in mass production.

Canadian Solar is among the limited companies in the world that produce and supply both TOPCon and HJT module products. A production line for HJT products, capable of producing 250MW, located in Jiaxing City, China, offers limited quantities of premium modules to international markets. Its mass production will commence shortly, with an anticipated conversion efficiency of 26% expected in Q4 2023. This is made possible by the implementation of double-sided microcrystalline transformation technology.

After thorough research and development, the company has obtained a proficient command of cutting-edge PV technologies, including the large-sized silicon wafer technology, high-efficiency mono-crystalline PERC technology, HJT cell technology, TOPCon cell technology, and colourful steel tile BIPV system product technology. The company’s devoted R&D team continually develop other technologies that are related to perovskite and BC.

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