Beam Global Received $500K Order from Dallas County through the Federal GSA Contract Disaster Purchasing Program

PVTIME Beam Global, (Nasdaq: BEEM, BEEMW), the leading provider of innovative sustainable products and technologies for electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy storage, energy security and outdoor media, announced that it received a $500k order for six EV ARC™ off-grid EV charging systems from Dallas County, Texas. The systems were purchased using the federal General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract Number 47QSWA21D0006, which simplifies the federal procurement process, ensures best negotiated pricing, and can be used by many state and local government agencies when the EV ARC™ systems are intended for EV charging and disaster recovery or preparedness purposes.

The Beam Global EV ARC™ off-grid EV charging systems qualify as disaster preparedness assets because they continue to charge EVs during grid outages and can be equipped with an emergency power panel for first responder use in emergencies. Each of Dallas County’s EV ARC systems integrates 2 Enel X Way JuiceBox® Pro chargers to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously, and an Emergency Power Panel that can serve first responders with 120V and 240V electric outlets in case of an emergency. Using the GSA contract gave Dallas County federal government best pricing, saving time and money while enabling them to acquire Beam Global’s rapidly deployed EV charging infrastructure products without going through extensive individual contracting processes.

“Energy resiliency must be a key consideration in planning EV charging infrastructure. Fleet managers need access to charging during increasingly frequent grid outages, and Beam’s EV ARC solar-powered systems provide EV charging even during power failures,” said Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “We are seeing increasing sales from entities that need EV charging faster than traditional construction projects allow and disaster preparedness at all times. EV ARC systems solve for both requirements.”

Solar-powered EV ARC™ electric vehicle charging infrastructure products are rapidly deployed with no digging, no construction and no electrical work. Off-grid and 100% solar-powered, EV ARC™ systems generate and store their own clean electricity and deliver that energy to up to six EV chargers capable of charging six vehicles simultaneously. The customer can choose any quality brand charger that works for their organization or use case, which is pre-installed on the EV ARC™ at the Beam factory and arrives at the customer site ready to charge EVs.

For more information on purchasing Beam EV ARC™ ready-to-deploy sustainable EV charging solutions at GSA pricing, please contact The Beam Team at 858-799-4583 or