Arctech Solar Deepens Its Global Expansion by Successfully Entering Kazakhstan Market

SHANGHAI, Sept. 23, 2019 -- Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking and racking system provider, announced that it has supplied 270MW fixed structures and solar trackers to Kazakhstan, of which 70MW has been connected to the grid. This is a milestone of demonstrating Arctech's efficient and professional solar PV solution successfully applied in Kazakhstan.

Full Support for Eastern Kazakhstan First ground-mounted PV station

Arctech has grid-connected a 30MW plant in the village of Zhangiztobe, which is the first large-scale solar project in Eastern Kazakhstan, with an annual electricity output of nearly 36 million kWh.

The development once involved challenges arising from the plant's
location and weather conditions. The project is set up in the Tianshan
Mountains where temperatures are as low as minus 55 degree. Taking this
into consideration, Arctech designed special solution, a screw pile for
fixed structure, to deal with periods of snow storms and maintain the
stability of the whole system. The above efforts contributed to the
punctual grid connection in August 2019.

This project was highly praised by Mr. Daniel Akhmetov, governor of Eastern Kazakhstan and former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, who commented: "This Zhangiz 30MW plant makes a great contribution to the Eastern Kazakhstan's renewable energy construction."

Strong Field Support and Maximization of Project's Energy Yield

Through construction of the 70 MW plant, Arctech has gathered a
substantial understanding of the market, helping the team better develop
follow-up projects.

Arctech is currently installing a 50MW solar power plant in Chulakkurgan, South Kazakhstan,
which is expected to be commissioned by the end of this year. Arctech's
SkyLine tracking systems are deployed to this project, which can
perfectly withstand the snow load and wind load. Moreover, this solution
offers easy installation and self-learning ability that greatly
increase energy yield of the project. 

As the owner and EPC of this project, Risen Hong Kong general manager
Yuan Jianping said: "Thanks to the on-time shipment, strong technical
support and all-round quality of services by Arctech, it enables
efficient installation and successful commissioned of this 50 MW
project, even in the harsh climate of Kazakhstan."

"The Kazakhstan market is growing
rapidly. Arctech is really proud of being entrusted with the engineering
and construction of these important milestones for the renewable
energies in this region," said Mr. Guy Rong,
the president of Arctech Solar's global business. "We look forward to
working closely with more investors to build sustainable partnership in Kazakhstan market and maximize the return on their investment. "

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