Arctech Inaugurates the First Manufacturing Base Dedicated to Solar Tracker in India

PVTIME – Jash Energy, Arctech’s first joint venture manufacturing base in India, announced its inauguration in Mundra, India. The manufacturing base with a 3 GW annual capacity is the first manufacturing base dedicated to solar trackers in the country, allowing producing all major components for its solar tracker products.


Shail Shah, Director of Jash Energy; Gail Chen, General Manager of East Asia and India at Arctech, Director and CEO of Jash Energy; John Yu, General Manager of Jash Energy in charge of production and Gino Sebastian, Operations Director at Arctech joined the inauguration ceremony.  

Located over 16 acres in Mundra, Gujarat, the new factory is modeled after Arctech’s existing Chinese manufacturing base in both the automatic production line and world-class manufacturing management system. 


Arctech is well-acclaimed for its signature solar tracker with the patented torque tube design and the multi-point drive mechanism. Hence the manufacturing base is particularly facilitated with the industrial advanced automatic production line for Arctech’s patented torque tube allowing for better performance in solar trackers’ stiffness. 

With its long-lasting dedication to deepening the market penetration in India, the official launch of the factory marks that the company is now capable to encompass the full lifecycle of tracker systems including structural, mechanical and electrical design as well as construction, operation and maintenance in the country. 

The company also celebrated its historical shipment momentum in the region reaching 3.5GW recently. According to Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, Arctech holds the No. 1 position for solar trackers in India in 2020 and a 45% market share in 2021. 

Strategically located in Mundra, the largest private port in India, Jash Energy will have easy access to Western, Middle East, and African markets. Mundra also provides an ideal base for traders due to its relatively short logistics connectivity to the northwestern hinterland. It is easily accessible from all major industrial destinations in Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh for the export of cargo, the company stated.


Arctech has added more than 200 jobs to the local community by setting up this factory. It also plans technical training for local employees. As for raw materials availability, the company is planning to go deeper in vertically integrated production, including using local steel for trackers that are made in India. It plans to work with domestic steel manufacturing partners to develop solar trackers.

The company will host a cocktail party celebrating the grand ceremony of Jash energy in JW Marriott NEW DELHI AEROCITY in September. 

“The opening of the JV factory has marked Arctech’s determination on practicing a long-term localization strategy in India, we will continue to enhance our presence to reduce the region’s dependence on traditional and costly sources of energy,” Remarked Gail.