Aldo Solar Starts Distributing Growatt Inverters in Brazil

PVTIME – Growatt has established partnership with Aldo Solar, the largest distributor in the Brazilian PV market. This came after Growatt increased its investments and marketing activities in the country. Early last year Growatt expanded its global presence and set up its Brazil Service Center in Mogi das Cruzes to provide faster and better service for local customers.

Aldo Solar has also announced the partnership on its website and given high recognition for Growatt’s brand and PV solutions. “The partnership with Growatt brings the certainty that we will deliver competitive solutions to the Brazilian market for distributed generation solar energy,” said Aldo Pereira Teixeira, president and founder of Aldo Solar. “In addition to that, we’ll be able to use Growatt OSS (Online Smart Service) system where we can monitor and manage the systems remotely. It makes O&M much easier and less costly. With this partnership, we hope to bring advanced and reliable solar energy to all Brazilians.”

The agreement between Growatt and Aldo Solar focuses on the distribution of residential and commercial PV solutions including off-grid inverters of 3-12KW capacity, on-grid single-phase inverters of 5-8KW and on-grid three-phase inverters of 20-75KW. Growatt will provide local guarantee, support and technical assistance. Aldo Solar is positioned to become Growatt’s hub in Brazil with local inventory and prompt delivery of products for distributed generation solar.

Growatt Co-founder and Vice President Frank Qiao congratulates Brazilian team on the partnership, “Aldo Solar is very professional company in Brazilian solar market. It has excellent sales, service and logistics systems. There’re a lot of potential for us to achieve. By working with Aldo Solar, Growatt will bring the best products and services to Brazilian market and make impressive achievements in the region.” Qiao has high expectations for Growatt in Brazil,

“Brazil is among the world’s top five residential solar markets and Growatt highly values the Brazilian market. In 2020, we aim to gain the NO.1 position of the market share!”