AESOLAR TOPCon Modules Ranked Among Top 3 Manufacturers in PV Magazine’s Quality Test

PVTIME – Recently, AESOLAR achieved an outstanding milestone by securing a high rating of five stars “VERY GOOD” with a comprehensive score of 92 points in the PV Magazine Test,, ranking 3rd overall. This prestigious recognition certifies the exceptional performance of AESOLAR’s N-Type TOPCon photovoltaic module METEOR, showcasing their superior adaptability across various environmental conditions.

The PV Magazine Module Test is renowned for its professionalism and fairness, making it a respected benchmark in the global renewable energy sector. The test was conducted at the Xi’an GSOL laboratory, with Clean Energy Associates (CEA), a prominent consulting firm, overseeing the entire process as a third-party technical expert to ensure the accuracy and impartiality of the results.

Module images (Photo: PV Magazine)

The test module samples were randomly selected by CEA from large-scale production batches, ensuring objectivity and rigor. AESOLAR’s METEOR modules exhibited outstanding quality and performance in the test, achieving full marks in appearance and electroluminescence (EL) inspection, and 96 points in potential-induced degradation (PID) loss grade. A remarkable 104 points in Pmax temperature coefficient grade demonstrated the modules’ high efficiency and stability in high-temperature environments. Based on its outstanding performance in each category, METEOR achieved a total score of 92, ranking 3rd among all manufacturers.

PV Magazine test results (Photo: PV Magazine)

AESOLAR’s METEOR modules, known for their high quality and reliability, stood out in all aspects of the tests. Even after enduring extreme heat and cold, these modules maintained excellent safety, electrical, and mechanical performance. The modules continued to operate efficiently under extreme conditions, underscoring the superior power generation and stability of our N-Type modules. Leveraging N-Type TOPCon technology, these modules offer higher power output, better bifaciality, and lower degradation and temperature coefficients, resulting in reduced BOS and LCOE costs and maximizing project returns even in harsh environments.

As PV cell and module technology advances, reliability testing is increasingly critical for customer module selection. AESOLAR’s high-efficiency modules have consistently demonstrated exceptional long-term performance in extreme conditions, providing crucial data to support future project success. AESOLAR remains committed to innovation, continuously enhancing product performance and focusing on R&D to provide better solutions to promote sustainable growth in photovoltaic technology.

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